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Friday, July 15

Paris Disneyland

Alritey.Iam gonna post about Disneyland this time. We spent three spectacular days here. Best gilos tak tipu :D And yeah, you really need a pair of strong legs while you're here! Especially when it is summer over there and there will be like so many people from all over the place and not only Parisiens. People from Italy, Spain, Germany, Asia, etc all flooded this all time favourite place. The kids were beyonddd excited to go there. Well, the besar-besar ones pun sama. Okay, less talkie talkie, more lookie lookie!( I catched that from one of Disney's sitcoms) -.- "

I'm missing Disneyland already :'(


  1. and kau dah buktikan kau ada sepasang kaki (lutut) yang kuat! hehe

  2. Kema: Yeap. Best! :D tp berlautan manusia.

  3. cool gila, i see bpk u ada spek bukak (if u know wht i mean)

  4. OMG baru perasan! haha. yeaap! cool gila ayah I hehe.