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Monday, June 28

Pandu saja :)

Pejam mata.
Tutup telinga.
Tahan nafas.
InsyaAllah, kau selamat.

Saturday, June 26

Pejam mata

I don't wanna look into your eyes because I don't wanna fall once more.

Wednesday, June 23


I'm 20 today.
or should I say TWENTEEN?

Saturday, June 19

Cuma kadang-kadang

tiada apa..

cuma kadang-kadang terdetik di hati
cuma kadang-kadang tersentak dalam mimpi
cuma kadang- kadang terlihat gambar dulu
cuma kadang-kadang teringat kembali
cuma kadang- kadang bermain di fikiran
cuma kadang-kadang tercium bau itu
cuma kadang- kadang terpasang lagu itu
cuma kadang- kadang sayunya hati

cuma kadang- kadang

Once a D girl, always a D girl

Okay. I'm not trying to be 'cute' or anything.
But I got a confession to make.
I'm a freakishly huge fan of Disney channel
Though I'm 20 soon.
Yeah, twenty.
I grew up watching Disney okay.
So I can't just... you know. Throw them away just like that.
They're a part of my life,man.
I even memorize some of the scripts ya know.

Itu dia Chad Dylan Cooper. Yeah call me childish and whatsoever. But I love them seriously. Byk lagi favourites tak letak rasanya, segan pulak. Tehee.
But, oh no no. Not a High School Musical fan. They are too... what's the word.. HAPPY. Yeah not into them. That's all.


Thursday, June 17

I Love Baking

I love baking.
Not only baking,whatever that has to do in making sweet mouthwatering food that i crave for.
So, during my semester break.. I spent a lot of my time baking and making delicacies that I love to munch around during my Tv time . It really does release my tension (ceh, mcm lah de mslh rumahtgge ke ape kan) and it makes me happy.

Sloppy Joe Cuppy Cakes

(yeah, the
before one is prettier than the after one. Gotta work on that. That's why I called them Sloppy Joe Cuppy Cakes)

I made them by myself. And I also help my mum. We both love doing this together. Usually during Hari Raya, I help her making Kuih Raya for sale :- Samperit, Jem Tart, Melting Moments (cornflakes), Hazelnut Cookies and etc. And I have to say that her recipes are aaaaammmaaazing! :O But this year she's going for something else which is fancy butter cookies.

Fancy Butter Cookies

Jam Tart

Choc Shortbread Biscuits

And oh yeah. I love this one. Chocolate shortbread (in heartshape). Once, I made this kinda biscuits for my ex-lover for Hari Raya. Good old days (: Now that we're friends, I hope he still remember these biscuits :)

Cake time, people! :D

I dunno why, but everything looks yumm-ier before I bake them.

Chocolate Cake (yeah, duhh)
See, told ya! before bakar lg nmpk sedap.

Banana Cake (my mum's)

That's about it!
I love baking (:
Habeslah sape kawen ngn aku tiap hari makan biskut je.
Alahai, kesian.

Tuesday, June 15


You know,no matter how hard u've tried..
It's just so freaking hard to stay positive when the one you love is dissapointed in you.
Sorry Abah, Mama.
I've already tried my best.

itu budak adilah :D

Siti Adilah Sabarudin,
Dah lama sangat awak dekat Nottingham.
Cepat kte tak sabar nk jumpa awak, yeay!

Monday, June 14


Semua orang dah tengok cerita ni dari 3Jun lepas dan saya baru tgk semalam.
yeah yeah i'm lame whatever whatever.

Mula- mula semua orang cakap mcm cerita ni best gila ada yg tgk sampai 3 kali lah kan. And it was based on the very famous novel written by a very famous author Ahadiat Akashah. And tgk trailer dia pon mcm best saja mmg cm gempak en.

Tp bila tgk movienya, I was like.. errrrrrr.okay.

(kenapa bila baca balik semua entry aku cara aku cakap mcm gedik gila?)

To me, with a great novel like that. U can do so much better on the movie. I'm pretty sure that the novel is waaaay better.

Alaa, byk kan cerita mcm tu. Hrry potter, confessions of a shopaholic. Semua tu novel dia cm lg best gila.
Macam cerita shopaholic, dia punya novel sangat la best gila aku gelak kentut2 sorang2 tp tgk movie dia, alahai. Kenapa byk sgt tukar. Sedih la mcm ni.

Tp xpelah, diorang dah buat yg terbaik kan. Bukannya aku pandai sangat pon nak comment lebih2.
Apa2 pun, credit lah pada Lisa Surihani kerana suka sgt dia.

Monday, June 7

Jeritan Batinku

Okay. Saya sudah terlalu freak out.

Thursday, June 3


i'm loving this feeling.
and i'm hoping that it'll stay that way.