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Monday, June 24


Assalamualaikum :)

What's a birthday without some sugar? Sugar sugar sugar!!

This is from Ehsan. Dia tahu aku suka Zayn Malik so dia lukis Zayn Malik walaupon salah eja ahaha. I't's okay Ehsan, Zane Malit pon hengsem :D

And this is from Elham. I like the 'Super Kakak yang Baik' haha! So cuuutteee

Elliya belanja birthday dinner, Mama & Abah each got me a lovely present.
Wani & Mokhsin angkut saya bawa pi tengok World War Z and eat lots of fooood.
Thank you for all these surprises. I appreciate every single thing.

Everything is perfect,
except for some of the important persons you care about..............................hmm, nevermind.

Tuesday, June 18

Bakerloo Line

I miss this. Will be right back.. someday.

Friday, June 14

It's time to grow up now

Finally, after doing Istikharah and Hajat a couple of times..
I decided to accept the job which will start on the 1st July 2013.
I just hope everything is fine at home.
I hope Mama can handle everything at home..
Elham, Ehsan and Mairah have to grow up now.
Do things on their own.
Bunyi macam aku nak kerja jauh je.
Padahal sekangkang kera je dari rumah.
But I'm still worried.
Sbb everyday buat kerja di rumah, tiba-tiba sekarang I have to focus at work.
After a year graduated kot.
I'm writing this with lots of emotions.
I'm happy but sad at the same time.
Thrilled but worried at he same time.
I hope I can steal some time from work to help my mother do anything, just any littlest work so that she's not tired.
Perhaps I can? I will try.
I know that this job is the best for me because I asked Him.
And He guided me, showed me, that yes, this is for me.
Alhamdulillah for everything.