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Sunday, October 30

Reality Changers


Since last August, it's like a MUST for me to watch their channel everyday. It is about the life of a single father- Jorge Narvaez, 25 with his two adorable daughters- Alexa and Eliana. Eliana is my favourite and actually the reason why I always watch their videos. She's reaaaaalllllyyyyy cute with her chubby cheeks and darndest words ever.

Like this one time, her birthday is just around the corner. So..her father wanted to know her feelings about turning 3 years old.

Father: So, Eliana. How do u feel about turning 3?

Eliana: In my BUTT.
(di dalam buntut ku?)

Father: That's not funny, dude. -.-

Eliana: Yess, it is. *giggles*


Below is the link of the very first video from them that I've ever watched which actually makes me want to watch them like every single day. Cerite pasal sape jatuhkan hamster haiwan peliharaan diorang. Terlebih comel.


Sesiapa yang minat budak kecik mmg sure suka stalk diorang everyday. Lagi-lagi yang tak sabar nak kawen and nak ada baby cepat-cepat. Tak rugi nengoknye. Comel giloss. Rasa macam nak pergi San Diego cari budak kecik ni pastu cium die bertubi-tubi.