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Monday, July 11

Paris: Arrival

The arrival. Paris smelled good. What a soothing way to welcome us after the 13 hours flight. Weather was 12 degrees celcius on that day.

I can't helped noticing the cotton candy clouds and the dreamy blue sky.
In front of the taxi that brought us from Orly Airport to Val D'Europe.

Paris streets in the morning. Wake up, Paris! ;) Again. The clouds were being so welcoming. :)

Through my apartment window. You can see another apartment next door.

Val D'Europe ApartHotel

Elliya and Umairah. Everyone was being a couch potato on the first day because of the loooong flight.

Juicy fat red cherries. Love them love them love them!

Magi Mee. Always be there when we needed them ;)

Hup Seng that we brought all the way from Shah Alam. Mama can't live without them. So does the kids.

Abah was showing his skills in the kitchen.

Grilled Salmon with Veggies by Abah on the very first day ;)

P/s: Finally found some time to post about Paris. And this is only on the arrival -.-


  1. awan paling sexy. teringat langit perak. selalu cantik. can't wait for the next post on paris! (:

  2. elani buat blog tak bagitau dhiya pun :(

  3. haiqal: yup!terpesona gila masa dtg tu..

    reyheyyy: sexy kan kan. langit perak pun sexy jugak. selalu terasa diri sexy bila kat perak dulu. hahaha.

    dhiya: i thought dhiya dah tahuu. cuz ade bgtau mase gathering kat umah nadon dulu.. but guess i didn't give you the link. Sorry! :(