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Wednesday, December 16

Eurotrip :)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Who doesn't like travelling? What's not to love..

Even going to the airport excites me :D
Especially the smell of the airport; a mix of duty free fragrances and fresh coffee..
And to sit in the airplane, and look through the window seeing the earth beneath us with cute fluffy clouds on top of it.
The opportunity to see your dream place with your own eyes.
Taste all kinds of food and feel the weather like never before :)

I went on a Eurotrip with my family last May. And it was one of the best trips of my life! :D

Kuala Lumpur > CDG Paris > Paris Val d'Europe > Annecy > La Clusaz > Gornergrat > Geneva > Chamonix Mont Blanc > Paris > Amsterdam


Our flight was at 11PM from KLIA to CDG Paris.  It was 13 hours by the way. 13 hours was fine when you have food, sleep and selection of movies and TV shows to watch! 2 Broke Girls, Pretty Little Liars, and lots of romantic comedies for romcom suckers like moi :p

Arrived at CDG Paris at 6am. The weather was really nice. It was summer but it was not hot nor too cold. Maybe because it's still too early? Yeah, probably.

We took an MPV cab to Val D 'Europe which is located 35km to the east of Paris.
Reason going here? DISNEYLANDDDD!

I always have a thing for signboards :O

Honestly, I really love it here compared to the city of Paris because it is much much cleaner and not that crowded except for Disneyland of course. Disneyland tu memang ramai gilaa like crayzyyy especially during summer T.T 

Besides Disneyland, people come here to shop at  La Valle Designer Outlet. Well, lebih kurang macam JPO dekat Johor tu.But lagi best and lagi cantik lah.Aku pergi pun tak beli apa, lebih kepada window shopping and get a glimpse of what it's like to be stinkin rinch LOL.Besides, I'm not that crazy over all these designer products..Unless you would like to donate me some money :p




We were really hungry and these macarons looked so delicious T.T

Besides this La Valle Village, we really like this Val D'Europe Shopping Centre. Mall dia besar and supermarket dia ada Halal Section. 10 markah!

Walaupun Val D' Europe ni tak se-happening macam Paris City, but I reaally like this place. It's safer, cleaner, more quiet, calmer and it felt complete. Like, everything is just enough. Not everyone likes the hustle and bustle, the joy, and the excitement of a city. Some just likes it laid back. Just like Val D' Europe :)

I felt like it's really safe to just walk around all by myself here. Kalau kat Central Paris tu memang scary sikit at some places. Pickpockets everywhere, and we obviously looked like tourists. And they LIKE tourists.

 All the buildings here look pretty much like this 

We stayed at Adagio AparHotel for 3 nights. Aparthotel ni best sebab boleh masak. My dad lovesss to cook when traveling. Memang angkut segala tok nenek barang nak masak; express sambal tumis, kari, segala. My dad even brought petai too! Pergi supermarket pun untuk beli makanan macam roti, beras & minyak, sayur, susu (and some other delicious looking breads or pastries or chocolates or fruits that we cannot resist :p).


 Kari Salmon! Yumsss

Nasi Panas!

Kacang Panjang Goreng!

Telur Dadar!

And strawberries for dessert!

Best gila makan macam ini masa sejuk :D

Till the next post, guys! :)

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