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Wednesday, July 28

Please punch me in the face. I'm serious.

I can tolerate having problems in my studies, worrying about how am I gonna go back home from class everyday, thinking about my bad knee that I have to live with, I can handle my love life now, Dealing with my amnesia that's killing me which can make me forget about all the littlest things which are pretty important such as; where the hell did I put my pin tudung and matrix card and this and that. I can deal with all of that.

Oh God..
Not this.
Sooo not this.

This gotta be the stupidest one so far. And the biggest thing that I have to think about at this moment. And it's all my fault. Thanks to myself. Way to go, Elani. Just, way to go.

Can someone tell me that everything's gonna be alright?


  1. OMG. not all things are set to be good. deal with it. its part of the life. :)