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Sunday, May 16


It was the hardest, most challenging semester I've dragged myself into.
If last semester was like a kiddy pool, I must be to f* damn short that my feet couldn't reach the ground.
Screaming and calling for help.
Ignore the stupid metaphor.

But yeah,like seriously.
Bak kata Filza ; 'Aku jatuh dan aku bangkit hanya untuk jatuh semula'
Err,something like that.

I lost my hope, my spirit, my enthusiasm, my burnin' dreams, everything
just 'KAPOOSH'
gone baby gone

There was nobody to be blamed
It was just me
Cliche phrase; Life's a rollercoster
And I was at the very bottom low
Where nobody can see me if I scream or puke, for God's sake

20th Century Art
20th Century Design
Creative Studio Lighting
Islamic Calligraphy

Aku cuma suka 3 subjek teratas
Lagi 3 aku tak suka
Jari- jemari aku tak cukup halus dan mulus
Jiwa aku asyik repel,repel dan repel
Dan aku selalu tak tahu apa nak buat seterusnya dalam kelas2 trsebut

Everyone can see that I was really declining
Baby, that's a fact

Now everything is over
There's nothing left I can do
Tak guna dah nak menyesal
Cuba lagi next semester

Result, result, result
Takut, takut, takut
Harapan ohh harapan
Doalah banyak- banyak

Tasneem wanna make a comeback, oh please :(

Back to my metaphor, as I was drowning
I saw these 5 not-so-cute lifeguards ;D
Came to save me
Bringing me back breathing for oxygen again

The Curly Fries Lifeguard
The So-Called-Afghan-Bride-To-Be Lifeguard
The Invisible Macaroni Lifeguard
The Undefeated Wrestler Lifeguard and
The Oh-We-Can't-Find-Your-Eye bag Polar Bear Lifeguard

Life saver, Soul Sister Forever

Two words;

Thank You


  1. rilek..sesame tgu result cmne nti :)

  2. ini sangat macam cotton candy.


  3. ye zulhilmi
    kau pon byk tlg aku
    doakan aku (;

    tq tq
    me likey likey tht u likey likey too