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Monday, June 24


Assalamualaikum :)

What's a birthday without some sugar? Sugar sugar sugar!!

This is from Ehsan. Dia tahu aku suka Zayn Malik so dia lukis Zayn Malik walaupon salah eja ahaha. I't's okay Ehsan, Zane Malit pon hengsem :D

And this is from Elham. I like the 'Super Kakak yang Baik' haha! So cuuutteee

Elliya belanja birthday dinner, Mama & Abah each got me a lovely present.
Wani & Mokhsin angkut saya bawa pi tengok World War Z and eat lots of fooood.
Thank you for all these surprises. I appreciate every single thing.

Everything is perfect,
except for some of the important persons you care about..............................hmm, nevermind.


  1. Happy 23rd birthday beyutiful Nani! Haha. "Everything is perfect" :D

  2. "perfect" tanda "" kena bold kan. hahah thanks farah! :)

  3. this might be a little too late, but happy birthday ela!
    suruh ehsan lukis harry styles for me please.