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Friday, September 7

Excuse Me


Hello readers.
Hope you're doin good :)

I just graduated.
My friends byk yg dah dapat kerja.
Ada yg belum.
But I believed they already sent resumes to all sort of places.
Went to interviews and everything,

But, not me.

Sekeping resume pun belum hantar lg.
Believe it or not, resume pun belum buat lagi.


The thing is..
I just got a lot of things in mind.
I have a lot of things that I wanna do during my studies but I could not even manage to do it because of well, studies.

I'm no superwoman, I'm not efficient in doing a lot of things at the same time.

So, right now I'm taking my own sweet time to do everything that I wanted to do before this. I have planned something big for myself, and I'm on quest to make it successful. Besides this so-called 'big project', I'm also spending my days learning to cook again. I mean, not that I'm a dumbdumb on that. I just need to be really prepared in case tetiba kawen awal. LOL. To top it off, house chores kept me busy. Sometimes, I do feel like a housewife already :')

And.. I don't know man.
I feel like I'm quite a mess right now.
I mean, kalau dah kerja, together with all this...things, I'll be one mood swing crazy girl.

To make it short, I'm trying to find myself right now.

Who's elani? How is she?What she's doin rite now? How is she using her 24hours every single day? Had she perform her solah? Does she remember The One that created her at all time? Is she in good shape? What she's eating everyday? Has she exercised?  Is she a good daughter? Is she qualified to be a daughter in law to someone? How's her confidence level? She has a Bachelor in Photography, where to next?? Does she has what it takes? To be a good daughter, a sister,  a friend, an employer, a true Muslimah? Where are you standing rite now? Who are you, exactly?

I need to be physically, mentally prepared.
And this might take awhile.
Excuse me.

p/s: To all my batch mates, yg dah employed, Congratulations! :) Yg belum, keep on berusaha dan berdoa.
Remember everything we've been through. We're one hell of a batch you know :') I Love You.

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